Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Back to the "real world" after the NGS Conference

What a wonderful experience! Most of us are now home although some may still on their way - perhaps to another venue. I'm sure that all who attended the NGS Conference at Fort Lauderdale gained a lot of valuable information. We saw old friends and made new friends - even some to whom we are related.  Those of us who were volunteers got to meet and greet the attendees as they entered the conference rooms. I wish there could have been more vendors and a better location for them. Most of the presentations were on the third floor and the vendor room was on the first floor. With so many great programs on tap, it was hard to take the time to visit the vendors' stations. Also, there were long lines for lunch within the vendors' venue. But, all in all, I believe that most people had a great experience at the conference.

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