Friday, January 29, 2010

Mystery #6: Robert Coon

Robert Coon was born in New York State early in the 19th century. Around 1835 he married Sarah Ann Fisher. They had 8 children born between 1836 and 1856. Robert was enumerated in Cochecton, Sullivan County in the 1840 census with his age given as 30-40, placing his birth sometime between 1810 and 1820, most likely by 1815. Robert's neighbors in Cochecton were Henry S. Coon (age 60-70) and Andrew Coon (age 40-50). Henry is enumerated between Robert and Andrew. This would appear to be a nice family grouping.

In the New York State Census, the county of birth is listed for persons born in the state. The 1865 census lists Robert's birthplace as Montgomery. Was that Montgomery County birthplace for Robert correct or was this an enumerator's error? Or, was Robert perhaps referring to the town of Montgomery in Orange County, a town located between Columbia and Sullivan counties? "The History of the Town of Cochecton" found on the Sullivan County Historical Society website states that, in early days, Cochecton was the western terminus of the Cochecton-Newburgh Turnpike, which would have made Cochecton (and other places along the route) likely places for settlement by people migrating from Dutchess and Columbia counties. According to published accounts of the area, which was a part of the Hardenburgh Patent, the land was leased to settlers until the "Anti-Rent War" in 1844. Deed records indicate that Robert purchased land in Cochecton in 1844.

Robert was still alive in 1880. The 1875 NYS census will be checked to see what county he declared at that time.

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  1. Update: According to the 1875 New York State Census, Robert was born in Columbia County.