Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mystery #16: Winche's Children

On May 17, 1842 Winche Beagle, wife of John Beagle, submitted pension papers based on her late husband's service in the Revolutionary War. In that document Winche stated that she had given birth to ten children of which seven were still alive.

Eight of her children have been definitively identified through records: William, Moses, Mary, Catherina, Phebe, Sarah, Jemima and Samuel. It is probable that the two others, unnamed, died in infancy. Records have produced specific birth dates for all eight children. Marriage dates are known for all except Mary, Phebe and Sarah. However, death dates are known for only three of the children: Moses, Jemima and Samuel - and all of those deaths took place after 1842. Therefore, it is not yet known which of the eight surviving children had died before Winche. It is also unknown whether Mary, Phebe or Sarah every married and had families.

I hope that further research will provide the necessary data.

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