Friday, July 26, 2013

Mystery #18: Will the real Phillip Babb please stand up!

Phillip Babb is one of my early ancestors in the New World. He emigrated from England before 1652. In that year, he was made a freeman in Massachusetts. (Massachusetts Applications of Freemen, 1630-91) 

It is reported that he later moved to York, Maine. (Maine Pioneers, 1623-60)

He then settled on the island Appledore, Isles of Shoals, located at the border between Maine and New Hampshire. My ancestor Sampson was apparently born there in 1668.

A problem arises when most of the researchers of this family decided that the Phillip Babb, son of Phillip and Mary, baptized in Stepney on 6 April 1634 was the Phillip that emigrated to the Colonies.
(London Metropolitan Archives, Saint Dunstan and All Saints, Register of baptisms, Sep 1608 - Jan 1637/8, P93/DUN, Item 256.) 

This in itself should have raised some concern. That Phillip would have been 18 years old in 1652. Freedom was not granted until a man was at least 21 years old.

The other, more serious problem with choosing this individual is that Phillip, the son of Phillip and Mary, died and was buried on 15 November 1640. (London Metropolitan Archives, Saint Dunstan and All Saints, Register of burials, Jun 1622 - Nov 1644, P93/DUN, Item 277.)

So, where did our Phillip Babb come from? Who were his parents? Hopefully, further research will locate a baptismal record for this "mystery man.".


  1. I read with interest the story of the house you lived in at the corner of Mary Street and Conklin Ave in Binghamton. I really appreciated the picture of the house. Dr. Hawley was our family doctor, and I recall visiting him in his office there. That place reeked of medication that he dispensed from a back room. I was born in 1944 and grew up on the South Side of Binghamton; first at 42 Rush Avenue until about 1952, then at 103 Mary Street. I left Binghamton after graduating from high school and went on to become a physician myself. I did see Dr. Hawley on a couple of my visits back home, and he knew that I became doctor. He recommended that I specialize in anesthesiology for "better hours". I last saw him in the 1970s. My family kept seeing him long after he moved his office over by Lourdes Hospital.

    David Benn Crawford, MD
    Las Vegas, NV

    1. Hi Dr. David,
      I just discovered your comment today. It was posted above my house story, so I missed it. Thanks for letting me know that my Dad impressed you so much that you followed his footsteps into medical practice. He also coaxed his nephew (Dr. James Burnett) to enter the medical field. Dr. Jim became a surgeon. Two of Dr. Jim's sisters became nurses. My sister became a child care technician. Dad always expected me to become a doctor and join his practice. But, I instinctively knew it was not for me. I became a science teacher in Westchester County, NY. I am now living in Florida and engrossed in the study of genealogy and DNA.
      It was so sad to see the old house torn down to make way for the new bridge.